Another Day, Another Year

Okay, stay with me here…

I never paid much attention to the whole concept of time and years. I think it has something to do with how long it takes the sun to circle around the earth – or is it the earth around the sun? I don’t know? I’m a nurse – these facts aren’t important for me to know to be fair. But I’ve always wondered the “true” significance about New Years…the change of the year and how much it actually matters. In reality, it’s just another day. You and I, God willing, will wake up tomorrow the same as we woke today.

New Years is always an interesting holiday. Everyone reflects upon all the things that happened in their life that previous year – good and bad. Births, adventures, new found religions, relationships, deaths, triumphs, failures….. People decide and figure out who they want to be in the next year. Changes they want to make. Resolutions that probably won’t stick. Everyone says “starting tomorrow”. [New Years Day] “Things will Change”.

I guess I don’t get it. I don’t get overly excited about the ball dropping, the numbers of years progressing, the resolutions that don’t stick.

Pessimistic? Perhaps.

I’m just not sure why we have to decide that there is a day which will change us. A day that we will get that fresh start or that new beginning to things we want or need for ourselves. Why wait? What’s so significant about January 1?

The irony of this blog – in my reflection of life and today and what comes tomorrow …If there is one thing I’ve learned (especially this year) is that we should NEVER wait until tomorrow. We shouldn’t wait until the start of the new week, the new month, the new year. If you want a change, Make it now. Don’t make excuses or postpone life because your heart beat and Gods plans do not correspond with the New Years Holiday.

So, whether it be losing weight, getting healthy, working in a job you love, spending more time off your phone and with your kids, forgiving someone who has hurt you or saying you are sorry for something you may not even remember doing – just do it. Today. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Inevitably, shit will happen this year. It always does. And you’ll then peg 2018 as a crappy year due to crappy circumstances and in one year from now you’ll think “I can’t wait for 2018 to end and to get a fresh start in 2019”. Why though? Because LIFE happens?

Try this – moving forward into 2018, each night you go to bed – make your “resolution” for the next day – to wake up happy and to surround yourself with love and love hard…because YOU control your own attitude towards what balls, inevitably life will throw at you. Do this daily. Don’t wait until January 2019!!

So with that I won’t say “Happy New Year”, but that I hope your life is happy and may you wake up each morning and may each morning be to another fresh start!

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