Author: Kristen

  • Inserts and Mustard Seeds

    I never read the inserts in the medication bags from the pharmacy. I’ve always felt it was sorta like reading Doctor Google. If we all search hard enough, we can all find one million things that we can react to with every single thing we come in contact with every day. It’s kinda like signing […]

  • We’ve Got This….Special Needs Parents.

    A note to Special Needs Parents as we start this school year…. We’ve got this. When the whole system feels like it’s failing our kids, you know who doesn’t? ….Us. After all, what is being asked of us, isn’t impossible. Fun? No. Possible? Yes. We’ve been given impossible. And     overcome. We have fought […]

  • An Exhausted Apology

    In 2004 I began my career in the medical profession – starting out right in the Children’s Hospital on the Med/Surg floor. I’ll never forget rounds and reports and quiet discussion during handoff, communicating the warning of the “difficult parent” at the bedside. I often times was fortunate enough to care for those families. Families […]

  • “Momblogs” and Mourning

    I’m guilty. I’m guilty of being that mom that does late night scrolling through Facebook reading every blog post about being a mommy.  As someone who finds release in writing – I appreciate “momblogs” perhaps a little more than most. I identify, relate and even judge just a little bit – the mom bloggers who […]

  • The Shoulders That Carry Us

    I often wonder how people view Andrew in this journey of ours. I know I am the one who talks and writes. This is mainly for an escape and a therapeutic release…. I tend to be the one who makes the appointments and being medical I’m the one who writes the questions and asks them, […]

  • The Dark Side of Thankfulness

    I decided to update friends and family in a blog post. It’s the only way I feel like I may be able to somewhat express the so many emotions that are going through my mind. And….it’s a lot of words. So many of you, family and friends, have prayed for Benjamin over the past week […]

  • One tough day. One tough Ben.

    There are many times I blog or write to help me remember where I am physically and mentally in challenging times. It always helps me when looking back to give myself credit for being resilient and strong when in the heavy moments I don’t feel I am. So, My current state: shock. Absolute shock. It’s […]

  • Two Years, Same Pain

      My whole life I grieved over you. The loss of not having you in my life – the man who was supposed to love me unconditionally in all things.  Through the years, my anger and resentment may have pushed you away more. I understand that now. Now that it’s too late.  I’m thankful that […]

  • The Easy Way Out

    Let me tell you about anger, defeat, pain. ….when you get told by a key player in your Autistic kid’s life (who you love) you need to do token charts and reward systems and beans in jars…. and implement “all of these strategies because literature shows it” and try all of these things just as […]

  • Playing Cards

    I played cards as a nurse. I’ve been a nurse for 14 years. I started thinking about Sen Walsh’s speech and what it meant to me as a nurse. Degrading. To lead people to assume that my career of saving lives has been a leisurely 12 hours of frequent rest breaks and card playing blows […]